Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Sister is A Star Too!

My sister is on the cover of the latest Town Crier, that's the local newspaper. She is with her human companion Mary, and they are ski-joring down Main Street.

Skijoring is when a dog pulls a cross-country skier. It's kind of like me pulling my trainers off the bicycle and through the air. Except more controlled. And with cross-country skis--not bicycles.

Unlike me, Neeko likes to run and pull. She is good at things like that. Her name means 'free spirit' and she (and Mary) are pretty athletic.

A few years ago she even helped train the Island's soccer team by running with them to help build up endurance. She loved wearing out those human kids!

Her life has been different than mine, she has lived in Colorado while Mary studied to be a Doctor. And she accompanies Mary on some of the local races, running along and even sharing the prizes!

Here's the picture--

(the rights to the picture belong to the Mackinac Island Town Crier/St. Ignace news)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rant From A Snow Dog

What is with this snow? Somehow I manage to forget every year how often it comes and goes. In the past few weeks we’ll get great white stuff. I’ll just be getting into the joy of playing in it, and boom it’s gone.
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It’s happening again today. Last Sunday night it started snowing, big beautiful wet flakes. Lots of them. Snow that is perfect for prancing and running. One of my human companions took me out with the snowmobile and we had a great run. I love loping through snow drifts.

I kept a pretty steady pace; I’m thinking about 15 mph. Not bad for the start of the season since I’m not in my top physical condition yet. By Spring I can go around the Island several times, keeping up the same 15 mph or even hitting twenty at times.

I was made to jog and tow. I’m not happy about hauling anything. I put my paws down about that enough that my human family gave up. One of the things they tried doing was to harness me and have me pull someone on a bicycle as practice. I played along for awhile. Then I would see a rabbit or a squirrel and take off.

The human would go flying through the air and had to let go of my lead. It’s not like I was mean about the whole thing. I would wait until we got around a pile of bushes or something before I took off. It would break their landing. After dashing off like that a few times they finally gave up. Now I can run and run with no stupid harness to hold me back. Or heavy weight to lug along.

Keeping my paws crossed for more snow!