Saturday, January 07, 2006

Time of Great Scents

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It seems we have ended that time of year that I think of as The Time Of Great Scents. It is a time when the pack's den is filled with fun and adventure. The hot box with the door in the kitchen seems to have great aromas coming from it all of the time. I walk by and breathe out to clear the nostrils then take a big gulp of air. Then I can taste meat, cake, or cookie. If I hang back and stay quiet, I can usually swoop in and get something that drops on the floor while humans are moving it around. We have had plenty of ham and beef and chicken. Heaps of the cookies humans like to eat. It is cold and the days are dark most of the time. However, I have felt happy and satisfied with a good full belly.

More people seem to come in and out visiting our pack den. I can lie down by the front door and inhale the smell from everyone’s boots. Some of them reek of strong people scent or horse-droppings. Others are a mystery to unravel with whiffs of one place and traces of another. A few of the boots smell of other animals. Sometimes I recognize the scent of a dog friend. Other times they reek of cat. I keep busy for hours trying to picture the starting point and details behind the smells.

Many packages with crackly paper are lying around. I enjoy opening those, but I have learned that I am not supposed to do that unless it is handed to me. I place the package between my paws, find an end, and then rip the paper off with my teeth. Sometimes it is hard; especially when a human overdoes it with that sticky stuff they call tape.

Once I learn what it is (food or play toy) I jump up and shake it in my mouth then prance around so everyone can see my treasure. If I think I am not getting enough attention I set it in someone’s lap or hand.

My packages had bones of all sizes; some were shaped in circles or covered with ridges. One tasted like chicken another like ham. There were treats with a savory tang of bacon, and other ones with a yummy liver flavor. I also got a fluffy doll to tear apart and a new pull toy rope with a ball in the middle.

Humans give each other these packages too but I seldom find them interesting. Well except for the one with different kinds of cheese. It seemed like that should have been one of mine. I could dream for hours just about the smells inside. I was in big trouble when I enjoyed that one without asking.

I get lots of attention too. Just about any human that visits can be coaxed into giving me a belly rub or butt scratch. If I play it right, they might slip me a bit of their food too. The absolute best was the human male (I will not tell you who) that slipped me a whole hamburger. I gulped it all even the buns.

Our days are quieter now. I know that is a sign that this happy season is over for a while. It was great while it lasted.


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