Friday, November 18, 2005

My History on Mackinac Island

I was born here on Mackinac Island. Down in the Mission area of the Island there was once a man who had sled dogs. Two of those dogs, Maggie and Kavak had their chains get too close together, and me and my sister were the result. We were born on a very cold night, February 14th, 1999.  Posted by PicasaI was born just a few hundred feet away from this gazebo at Mission Point Resort

I Have A Twin Because We Were A Litter Of Two

My sister's name is Neeko. She lives here on the Island too, and we like to play together. We are both Alaskan Huskies, also called Mackenzie River Huskies. We have long lean bodies and very long legs. Neeko and I have the same markings, but she is black and white, I am red and white. Or reddish brown. It actually changes a little in the seasons. My coat is more brown in winter, probably so I can blend in with the trees a little better.

We used to be the same size, but now I'm taller and a little wider than her. Well it makes sense, I am the guy.

We have had fun adventures together. We like to escape and run and run. We learned to work together at an early age to undo the clip that connected the chain or leash to our collars. We would work together with our paws, and get each other free. Well sometimes I would get free and take off before I helped her.

I Am Not A Wolf

Every day at noon here there is a siren. I love to howl back to it. I have heard people say that I sound just like a wolf howling at the moon. Cool.
My markings are pretty wolf-like, a lot of people even think I'm part wolf. Hey I'm pretty nice and easy going, but it never hurts to have a reputation as a tough guy. It's weird, only little tiny yippy dogs (I try not to think of them as chew toys) try to take me on. I just laugh.


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