Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Sister is A Star Too!

My sister is on the cover of the latest Town Crier, that's the local newspaper. She is with her human companion Mary, and they are ski-joring down Main Street.

Skijoring is when a dog pulls a cross-country skier. It's kind of like me pulling my trainers off the bicycle and through the air. Except more controlled. And with cross-country skis--not bicycles.

Unlike me, Neeko likes to run and pull. She is good at things like that. Her name means 'free spirit' and she (and Mary) are pretty athletic.

A few years ago she even helped train the Island's soccer team by running with them to help build up endurance. She loved wearing out those human kids!

Her life has been different than mine, she has lived in Colorado while Mary studied to be a Doctor. And she accompanies Mary on some of the local races, running along and even sharing the prizes!

Here's the picture--

(the rights to the picture belong to the Mackinac Island Town Crier/St. Ignace news)


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